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Taurus Horoscopes

April 19 - April 25, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 19th the sun enters Taurus and you become very busy indeed. With Mercury entering Taurus along with it that means your focus is going to be on material goods and organizing all monies and materials in your life. A lot of communication over money is likely to begin today, as well. The day itself is an ideal, friendly and busy one although your evening plans may run into a snag.

Tuesday the 20th relax with friends and be careful not to be extravagant. Trying too hard, eating too much and spending more than necessary are typical pitfalls today.

Wednesday the 21st power people tend to be on your side and getting what you want comes easier than you think.

Thursday the 22nd the daytime hours go expeditiously with excellent accomplishment as once again power people tend to be on your side. The evening hours hold new love interests and anything can happen today. Paired Bulls show upgrades and new phase developments to current status.

Friday the 23rd a beautiful find, discovery or purchase of some kind is likely for a hefty cross section of you or an old problem may vacate your life. Any or all is possible.

Saturday the 24th is an excellent "me time" quality day with a list of almost anything you want accomplished with ease.

Sunday the 25th you may be sarcastic with loved ones in the morning and so you must be very careful to discriminate with your relationships. There is a tendency for more pleasant and more favorable energies as we reach the afternoon and evening hours.


Romance is not cooperative this week and there is a small threat of termination but it is only short lived from Wednesday morning until Thursday at noon and then only most likely with signs like Pisces, Virgo, Cancer, Aries, some Scorpios, a small cross section of Taurus' most likely those born in the "teens of May" and the odd Sagittarius and they aren't hard to find, odd Sagittarius, that is. LOL. Whatever rift may form, it most likely will not lift for the majority of Bulls who hit this one until as soon as Sunday or as far out as Wednesday to Friday of next week or even late July! Bad week to form an attachment for single Bulls. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Spend your free time with your pals! Catch up with those you've ignored. Do shared hobbies and passions together; just keep it safe! Travel and invitations to gather appear likely near Tuesday/Wednesday and again on Saturday. Having to say goodbye to a pal is likely this week from any typical life journey, from moving on/away, migrating into marriage, loss of life or just a rift that does not mend.


There is termination energy out there this week for some Bulls, even those who have been in sound employment situations for decades, much less those with sketchier roots and if you should be one who "finds the door" this week, know that gainful employment is likely for anyone who does hit this this week, as soon as next Wednesday to June 3rd or as far out as later August into later September for Bulls who would like to take a short paid break on the government or their savings.


Sound in one area and weak in the other; like metaphoric vs. actuality and etc.

Overview for Taurus

State of Mind:

A tad bit on the stubborn side but that has to do more with the quarter the Moon is in and will not last long.

Karma Numbers:

4, 6, 7, 9, 15

Buzz Words:

Two for you: Beyond the horizon and learn well.

Compatible Sign(s):


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's horoscope is highlighted by your ability to balance your act. You may feel barely in control of yourself, but this could be a good thing. Sometimes it takes a bold move to break free of your restraints. There will be a lot of subconscious activity going on in your head. As soon as you step into the picture, the picture changes. Business, romance, and play can all be deeply satisfying experiences. Learn from what happens so that you'll be able to repeat the formula at will. You feel like you're ready to go for the gold. Cheaters and liars need not apply. Your strategy at the moment is the truth and whatever it brings to the lives that it touches. Written agreements should be verified before signing them. It never hurts to ask the right questions. Read more...

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