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April 19 - April 25, 2021


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Rita Ann Freeman's Weekly Horoscope


Monday the 19th may turn out to be an extremely busy and well invested day as many ideal and friendly situations are encountered throughout the day. Romance goes extremely well in the evening hours and surprises appear likely, as well, along with upgrades and next level advances.

Tuesday the 20th relax with your friends but keep in mind that you have a tendency to be a little bit extravagant today like grabbing the check at power lunches or small gatherings. You offer to take on way too much and have a tendency to volunteer, as well.

Wednesday the 21st power people are most helpful and it's a wonderful day to ask for upgrades and things you have been longing for in the career scene or with family elders or power figures.

Thursday the 22nd is a well-structured day with good accomplishments and excellent cooperation. A new love interest could start for single Libras or some new hobby or passion for those of you who are paired. Upgrades too!

Friday the 23rd some kind of beautiful find, old love resurfacing, just right item or beautiful purchase could find its way into your life today. Also, when this aspect happens ideal situations seem to formulate themselves and just right situations sometimes come together.

Saturday the 24th seems to be a perfect day for you to accomplish all the things on your honey do list and bang them out nicely.

Sunday the 25th keep in mind a cross-section of you are prone to be sarcastic with loved ones. This seems to be in cases where issues are stuck in your craw. Later in the day you must discriminate with love relationships and be very careful what you say. There is a tendency for things to become far more pleasant and altruistic as the day unfolds.


Romance may get you all excited and then let you down, so just hope that if it is going to, it does it sooner rather than later! Some of you will extend that wonderful trusting heart of yours near Tuesday to Thursday and get it clipped up by Tuesday/Wednesday of next week. As soon as you realize anything; act upon it! Paired Scales are very willing to listen to reason this week so if you are reading this because you love a Libra, and you do have a problem with a Scale; approach with respect and quell it. Read the weekly partner horoscope...


Doing two things at once is right up your alley this week! Boy, are you itching to pair up with a pal and "do it, do it, do it!" Pick your event, chose your best buddy and enjoy! Hang the cost.


Being totally professional seems critical for some reason on Monday. Seeing and listening to both sides of an issue or, having the foresight to really perceive both sides of an issue are worth their weight in gold on Tuesday. Stay low key on Wednesday and avoid confrontation with lateral power groomers. Trot your best effort/s out on Thursday and watch them fall into place like magic. Answer all communications and quickly on Friday. You do all that; and you'll have a fantastic week in career, job or business.


Excellent but only for about half of you.

Overview for Libra

State of Mind:

Excellent but only for about half of you.

Karma Numbers:

2, 8, 9, 11, 17

Buzz Words:

You'll know by Wednesday which camp you are in.

Compatible Sign(s):


Weekly Overview by Deborah Browning

Your Astrologer This week's horoscope is highlighted by your hectic pace and your need to slow things down a little. Stop obsessing about your job and take a closer look at the outside world. You'll have a breakthrough in your attempts to convince others to join you. You can accomplish a lot as long as you remain consistently energized. Passive participation will conserve your energy for the things that require it the most. It's good to take care of others, but not at a steep price to your own dreams and ambitions. Be sure to spend some time on yourself. Love, health, and contentment are priceless commodities. Everything else is just gravy. Love for what you do can turn anything into a new experience. There's never been a better time for mixing business with pleasure. Read more...

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